Download Latest WA Tweaks apk for Android

Download WA Tweaks 2.3.2 Latest Version Apk

WA Tweaks is the Android application which helps the users to unlock the hidden settings which are available on WhatsApp. Today we are going to show you the way you can download WA Tweaks Latest Version on Your Android device.


WA Tweaks is developed by Alex193a which is one of the best developers who has developed this application to unlock the hidden settings which is available on WhatsApp.

Nowadays many mods are available for WhatsApp in which you can change the theme of the WhatsApp then you can also modify the user interface of the WhatsApp. This application is different which allows users to unlock the features which are unseen by using Chmod command.


What is CHmod?

There is explicit permission given to the applications. About the application features which should be hidden or which features should be shown to the users.

Now, whenever WhatsApp receives the beta update at that time some specific permission are hidden and to unlock those feature WA tweaks application is used to unlock those hidden features.

Chmod777 permission is used to unlock those settings in WhatsApp. You can enable those features using ApkTool to decompile the WhatsApp and then you can change the permission of the application.

What is WA Tweaks?

WA Tweaks is the Android application which will help you to unlock the hidden feature of WhatsApp and then you can check the newly added features.

There is a different tricks available to unlock those feature of WhatsApp which is different from other application, and you need to force stop this application.

The developer of WA Tweaks regularly checks the WhatsApp and see to it that is there any new feature available in WhatsApp? If yes then the application is updated.

This application is updated daily you can bookmark our site to receive the regular updates it is simple and easy.

The size of the application is just 4 MB and which can do a lot of tweaks with the WhatsApp and it works in the rooted Android device.

This application is only supported in official WhatsApp this application is not supported by any other mods such as GBWhatsApp, WhatsApp prime or WhatsApp Plus which is having the different package name.

WA Tweaks checks the package name of the application which helps to configure the correct WhatsApp application.

You can enable and disable the application features in just some clicks and then you don’t need to worry about anything if you don’t like the feature of anything.

The best thing about this application is that it doesn’t consume too much memory. This application is just of 8 MB and does a lot of tasks in just some clicks which is amazing and needed for any application.

There are no mods available which help you to customise your official WhatsApp but with the aid of Xposed framework you can do so with just some clicks, and you don’t need to do more settings in the application.

You can also change the Emoji of your WhatsApp. If you are bored with the old emoji of WhatsApp, then you can install iOS 10 emoji on your phone. There are many features which can be done.

Download Wa Tweaks


There are amazing features of the application which will help you to edit many settings in the application and just some clicks. There is a lot of tweaks available in which some of them can be found on WhatsApp, and some of them are yet to come which is great.

  • Updated daily and supports to the latest version of WhatsApp.
  • Less in size just around 8 MB and doesn’t consume too much memory.
  • You can also enable Group Invite Link if it is not pre-activated.
  • Enable mentions which help you to call a specific user in the WhatsApp group.
  • You can also enable Multicast.
  • Enable the new Photo editor of WhatsApp which will help you to edit the pictures before sending to anyone on WhatsApp.
  • You can also select the contact which was not available in the official WhatsApp.
  • Enable the all-new internal Video player which supports you if you are not having the video player on your phone.
  • You can also set the limit of sending the images and videos and increase it as much you need.
  • You can increase the documents sending limit to 999 MB.
  • Resize the emoji packer size as much as you need it.
  • Send the full resolution photo on WhatsApp which was compressed.
  • Backup and Restore the chats in just some clicks no need of registering on WhatsApp again and again.
  • Install all the new emoji of WhatsApp and Android Nougat 
  • Android 7.1 Ready which allows activating 3D touch is Android API Level 25
  • No internet connection required
  • Vcard indexing
  • Track location of your friends in any WhatsApp group.
  • Unsend send messages
  • Disable status feature
  • Enable the new info feature of WhatsApp
  • Much more.


  • Root Required
  • Sometimes application crashes (Please send us crash reports)